Medical Articles

Medical Articles

written by Samuel D. Hodge, Jr.
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A Case for Physician Apologies

A Guide to the IME

A Litigation Primer On Bones, Fractures, And More

A Litigation Primer On The Ankle

A Litigation Primer On Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A Litigation Primer On Chest Injuries

A Litigation Primer On Diagnostic Imaging

A Litigation Primer On The Hip

A Litigation Primer On The Knee

A Litigation Primer On The Shoulder

Circulatory System and Routes of Drug Administration

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Coronor’s Office and the Forensic Autopsy

Defending the Back Injury Case


Diagnostic Imaging


Emergency Room Medicine

How to Defend A Back Injury Claim

Independent Medical Evaluator

Informed Consent and Alcohol Abuse


Legal Issues in Teleradiology

Legal Issues with Teleradiology

Liminations of Imaging of the Low Back

Medical Expert

Medical and Legal Implications of a Traumatic Brain Injuries

Unraveling The Mystery of Medical Records

Medical Records

Myofascial pain and Trigger Points

Organ Donations

Physician Apologies

Routes of Drug Administration

Solving the Problem of Organ Donation Shortages

Spinal Cord Injuries


The Forensic Autopsy

The Integumentary System

The Meaning of Waddell’s Signs

The Physician as Expert Witness

The Respiratory System

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Sports

Traumatic Brain Injury

Understanding Anatomy

Understanding Medical Records

When Breast Augmentation Surgery Goes Awry

Wrongful Prolongation of Life


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