Fox School of Business

Fox School of Business

Student Evaluations

1. I hope you read this. In a class this large, it is impossible for me to get to know you… However, I wanted to tell you that through your presentations, I feel as if I do know you. Your classes are excellent. Anyone who can get 600 students up at 8:00 a.m. must be very special.

2. Five star class! I took this course on a whim not even interested in law, but now I plan on going to law school.

3. The creative presentation is just as important as the materials portrayed and keeps the attention span of 600 students. I have not experienced a teacher who has genius to realize this. Thank you.

4. I sometimes do not want the class to end. There is no way to make this class any better. It is perfect.

5. Dr. Hodge, you are just MARVELOUS!

6. Professor Hodge is a gift to Temple. He makes learning fun.

7. Dr. Hodge is a spectacular instructor… (He) conveys to the class a feeling that he wants to be there and is concerned whether (we) come away from the course better people.

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