School of Law

School of Law
Student Evaluations

1. You attained an unusual level of closeness with the students which made for an environment conductive to learning.

2. Without exception the best professor I’ve had in law school.

3. Excellent. Sam is much more than a professor. He has befriended each of us and acted as a support for any concerns we may have had in regard to law school’s first year.

4. A pleasant interlude and oasis with an inspired and inspiring professor! Top marks.

5. An exceptionally well-prepared and well taught course-invaluable. Sam was both friend and mentor; he was extremely tolerant of our sometimes simple questions and observations …

6. I’ve heard other students complain about their teachers. Perhaps Sam could help them out.

7. From what I heard about the other (professors teaching the same course), I’m glad the computer matched us together.

8. Professor Hodge is still getting an “A”.

9. Being in Sam’s class has been a guiding force in getting me through the first semester of law school.

10. It is the best class ever.

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